Seller's Guide

In order to register you must click on the “Login” button.
Once you have clicked on the “Login” button.
You can register via Facebook / Google with the click of a button.

Sign up – Fill in personal details and general information about your products, build the profile page, main picture, subject picture and the content.

It does not cost a penny! – You can publish unlimited products at no cost!

Ship to all over the country! – Once you have managed to sell, you can send products through the site easily, just choose the form of delivery you want to work with and the product will reach the buyer without any problem. In addition, you can make deliveries by mail or free shipping yourself!

Receive the payment directly to the account – after a successful sale that has reached the buyer, you can demand the payment directly to the account of the credit card that you entered in the system.

Share Share Share – It’s easy and simple to share your products on Facebook and WhatsApp to anyone.

Your profile page – Your profile page contains all the products, every user on the site has access to see your sales warehouse, see if you are a reliable seller and read what others are writing about you.

After selling a product and making the shipment and after the stage of receiving the product by the buyer (the buyer confirms the receipt of the product by clicking on the receipt of the product), enter a pull-up page located in the user’s management interface

That’s where your sale amount is!

You can demand it by submitting a request for payment.

The auction will entitle you to the payment amount within a short time to the account of the credit card you entered in the system.

Each credit includes treatment fees and credit fees of 7 percent.

Once the sale is completed successfully, you can see the transaction amount on the “Withdrawal” page.

Once the product has been shipped and reached the buyer (after the product has been approved by the buyer), payment can be requested on the “Withdrawal” page for the amount of the transaction.

* Payment will go to the seller only after 7 days from the moment the item is received by the buyer (in order to check the integrity of the product).

* The buyer will be able to return the product to the seller within 7 days of receipt. The cost of returning the product will be at the expense of the buyer and the buyer will get back the transaction payment after the product is returned to the seller.

Advertising on the site is free of charge, as soon as a sale is made a credit card clearing fee and a handling fee will be added.

Website clearing costs –

Credit company fee – 2% on each transaction.

The auction fee – up to 10% on each transaction.

Total: 12% commission per credit.

There are two types of invoicing on the site.

Through the website:

Bondi Pages Invoices on Transactions – Bondi Pages will send an invoice for the amount of the transaction fee + a tax invoice for the public delivery to the person who made a shipment through Bondi Pages.

Through business owners:

2. Invoices of the business on products – warranty – can be received in two ways – via email or upon arrival of the product to the customer.

You can manage all the products on the “My Products” page where you can edit the ads, confirm receipt of products, renew ads and see their status.

Buyer's Guide

Buy with complete confidence – Bondi Pages protects you! The payment you make will not go directly to the seller but will wait until the product arrives to you safely. Only after your approval will the payment go to the seller.

Cheap, Worthwhile, Affordable – Bondi Pages gives a big stage to all sellers which creates price reductions, you can find new or used products.

There’s everything here! – Bondi Pages is an online mall, you can search for everything you want simply.

In case you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can return it to the seller!

If the product arrived defective / broken or not as described, you can demand compensation from the seller.

If you want a refund on the transaction, you must return the product to the buyer and request a transaction credit in the Bondi Pages system.

In the case of a store – the product return policy according to the store policy is up to 14 days.

If it is an individual – you can return the product to the seller for up to 7 days or more (depending on the seller’s policy) from the moment you receive the product. Return of the product is at the expense of the buyer.

If you did not receive the product you purchased, You can contact us on the contact page and we will find a solution to the situation that has arisen. In most cases the sale will be canceled and the money will be returned to the buyer. Bondi pages gives you protection for your money! You can be sure of getting the products you bought.
After purchasing on the website and receiving the product to you, you will be asked to enter the “My Shopping” page to confirm receipt of the product. Confirmation of receipt of the product by you helps us to track the transaction and allow the transfer of payment of the transaction to the seller.