Opening a Shop

We are glad you chose to sell with Bondi Pages! What you need to do in the initial stage is to register, the registration can be done with one click through Facebook / Google or independently. You can go to the Add Product page and start advertising your products for sale on the site, and from now on you have a store in our mall! An important thing is to fill in relevant details like phone number and email so that we can contact you after the sale. We strongly recommend that you create an interesting and attractive profile page for yourself, add your details and build a store to your liking in an easy and simple way from home or from anywhere else.

Selling and shipping

Yay! We made a sale! What do you do now? The next step is to prepare the product for delivery. After you have sent the product, go to the "My Sales" page and click on the "I sent the product" button next to the product you sent in order to update the buyer that the product is on its way to the buyer. We strongly recommend allowing free shipping on shipping options to increase your chances of selling! There is an option to include the shipping amount in the price of the product.

Withdraw payments

Once the product has reached the buyer we will go to a withdrawal page that is in the management system, fill in the credit details on the page "Manage credit cards" and then we will ask for the amount of the transaction. When the buyer confirms receipt of the product, we will confirm the withdrawal and the payment will be transferred to you as a credit to the credit card account. We will charge a fee of about 7%, which includes a handling fee and a credit clearing fee. We recommend calculating the commission amount before the product is published and adding according to your needs.

Why Collaborate With Bondi Pages

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